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Lindemann Audio

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Musicbook POWER 500/1000

The new Musicbook POWER 500/1000 power amplifiers. Owing to our circuit design with a reduction to the essential and N-Core technology, our power amps deliver a sound quality without compare. Even on extremely power-hungry loudspeakers....

Limetree Bridge

The Limetree BRIDGE is a high-quality network adapter designed to transfer music from streaming services and local storage media digitally in studio master quality to existing D/A converters or other devices with digital inputs. This makes it possibl...

Limetree Headphone

The Limetree HEADPHONE is a high-class headphone amplifier for all music lovers who want to get a higher resolution and more tonal colors from their headphones. It amplifies purely in the analog domain for superior quality with the smallest of sig...

Limetree Network

The Limetree NETWORK is a high-grade network player which can play back music from streaming services and local storage media in studio master quality. It is connected to the network with a LAN cable or via WLAN. It offers an additional USB port for ...

Limetree Phono

The Limetree PHONO is our statement for all vinyl friends. A high-grade preamp for your pickup cartridge. Using the latest technologies and parts we reanimated a circuit design from the tube amp era. The result is absolutely worth listening to! ...

Musicbook SOURCE

As a signal source, the new Musicbook Source has an even more complete equipment than the previous models. It offers connections for analog and digital devices as well as top-level streaming....

musicbook:50 Pojačalo snage

Musicbook:50 je potpuno balansirano stereo pojačalo snage u D klasi. Bazirano je na više patentiranih rešenja, a posebno na tehnologiji UCD pojačanja. ...

Ukupno: 7 proizvoda

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