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Bluehorizon Proburn

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High-quality audio cables improve over time when used in your hi-fi system. A hard, closed-in sound with a distinct lack of bass are qualities most noted when a cable is new; a cable that has been professionally ‘burned-in’ using Proburn will sound more open, extended and three-dimensional, with a more natural, less sterile performance overall.

  • Generates specific ultra-low and ultra-high frequencies to optimise cable performance
  • Produces 10,000  times the upper frequency limit of a typical CD player
  • Dramatically reduces the burn-in time required by new cables to within 48 hours
  • More effective at optimising cable performance than music signals alone
  • Keeps cables performing at their best – condition them for a period of 24 hours, every six to eight weeks, to nullify any negative charges and static problem
  • Black & Silver options available