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Musicbook POWER 500/1000

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The new Musicbook POWER 500/1000 power amplifiers. Owing to our circuit design with a reduction to the essential and N-Core technology, our power amps deliver a sound quality without compare. Even on extremely power-hungry loudspeakers.
         Musicbook POWER 500/1000

  • Housing milled from a solid aluminum block
  • Stereo operation or (vertical) bi-amping with separate bass level control: the troubleshooter for speaker placement problems.
  • N-Core technology: world class both metrologically and soundwise, highly musical reproduction reminiscent of tubes.
  • Two power classes: 2 x 250 W @ 4 ohms (Power 500) or 2 X 500 W @ 4 ohms (Power 1000).
  • Absolutely safe operation and load stable down to 2.5 ohms impedance.