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As Theseus unified Athens under one king, Theseus Integrated amplifier unifies all devices in one. But first of all it gives you the possibility to use any pentode power tube you like from EL84 to KT150 in class A operation,so you can choose the tube, the sound of which you prefer. Triode or pentode (ultralinear) operation is selectable via a switch as is and the amount of feedback. Theseus provides three line inputs, one MM phono input with tube RIAA preamplification, and one USB input. It has a transformer phones output, with high/low impendance selection and a switch to silence the speakers when you are listening with your headphones. Also Theseus utilizes blue Alps motorized volume control. Above all these, the sound performance of this amplifier will astonish you. The design of the output transformers gives Theseus superior sound volume through all the acoustic range.Everything you need with supreme sound quality and beautiful design.
Theseus Ultima

  • Mundorf evo silver gold oil signal capacitors.
  • 16 layer output transformers.
  • Silver soldered.
  • High quality cathode and grid resistors.
  • WBT-0703 Nextgen speaker connectors.
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