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Cloude 99 Speaker, 2m.

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Brend: Stealth
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The Cloude 99 speaker cables are similar to the STEALTH Cloude Nine, but the silver is of higher purity (99.997%, versus 99.9% in Cloude Nine), and - most importantly - the dielectric is much more advanced: STEALTH para-vacuum** in Cloude 99 - versus just air in Cloude Nine. Six pure solid silver flat wires (ribbons) spirally braided together and split into two leads (positive and negative) at the ends. The "wire" used to make these cables is solid 99.997% pure silver, flat single core conductor 3/16 inch wide and 0.01 inch thick. No solid dielectric is used - at least, in the conventional sense: each of the silver ribbons is gently spiraled inside a flexible (but strong) transparent Helium filled 1/4 inches OD tubing (STEALTH para-vacuum technology**). The tubing touches only the very thin edges of the silver wire, and the flat part of the wire is surrounded by Helium only; each tube is strictly air tight to prevent Helium from leaking out and preserve the silver from oxidation. When such construction is measured, the dielectric constant is very close to 1.0 - (vacuum) - and the closest up, solid Teflon, being 2.2 to 2.5 depending on the Teflon type (all other known solid dielectric have higher constants; the closer the dielectric constant to 1.0 - the better for the subjective "speed" perception).

The Cloude 99 cables are thick, extremely soft and flexible, and they do look like a cloud.