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Indra V.10+ Interconnect RCA, 1m.

Kategorija: Interkonekt kablovi
Brend: Stealth
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The Indra V10+ is the most sonically significant revision for the Indra design since our switching from (beta) Cardas RCAs and Neutrik XLR to our own proprietary RCAs and XLRs for the production Indra. The Indra V10+ features multi-core geometry (versus single core in all previous Indra revisions). Sonically, this provides for a greater bass extension and, most important - greater subjective "body" to the sound ("fuller" sound) - which is extremely difficult to get from any cable or equipment without compromising subjective clarity, openness and transparency. However, this is exactly what the Indra V10+ sounds like: at least as open and transparent as the previous Indra revisions, but with more "substance". The STEALTH proprietary RCA and XLR connectors were re-designed for the Indra V10+. The V10 RCA connectors allow at least 300 installations and re-installations without losing their "grip" on the RCA females.

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