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Air King V16 Interconnect RCA, 1m.

Kategorija: Interkonekt kablovi
Brend: Stealth
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The Air Kingis the only pure silver analog interconnect that we currently make, and it is our best-to-date effort with PURE SILVER. Sonically, the Air King clearly surpasses all our previous (now discontinued) pure silver interconnects. The Air King is a pure silver cable and thus has certain attributes typical for pure silver: the extra subjective "speed" and clarity, somewhat emphasized upper midrange ("presence region") and forward overall presentation; the Air King does NOT sound thin, but its very extended treble offers lots of "air" and "sparkle". If you feel you need a bit of extra "live" in your system, this may be the best cables for you. However, if you system is a bit on the bright side - then a better choice may be our pure carbon (Nanofiber) cables, which sound subjectively softer and more "relaxed" than the Air King.

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